Coughing is not uncommon to the vapers. This vapor is benign than traditional cigarettes’ smoke because of absence of carbon monoxide and toxic ingredients. So, do you cough while vaping? Coughing is an exception and not a rule while vaping! Now, the question is why it happens.

We researched and found out the following reasons for a vaper’s cough:

  1. Your lungs find some of your vaping ingredients as foreign.
  2. You are inhaling either too deeply or quickly.
  3. Using the wrong nicotine content is a major cause of coughing from vaping.

It is time to share the ways to help you lower or end coughing altogether.

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  • Change the technique you are using to inhale now.

Inhale it in parts than one long pull straight to the mouth. What we are talking here is mouth-to-lung method which you can use for all types of devices.

Bonus point: You will experience better flavor if you are using flavored e-juices with mouth-to-lung method.

  • Start with the lowest nicotine possible.

Tobacco smoke has an anesthetic ingredient which stops you from coughing, unlike e-cigarettes. You will notice a significant reduction in coughing if you switch to lower nicotine content. If you are a beginner, it is highly recommended that you start with a less nicotine content.

  • Give it time

Some people will always cough and that doesn’t mean you can never eliminate it. All you need to do is give your body time to adjust.

  • Use a higher Ohm resistance

Lower Ohm resistance means a harsher vape. Choose an atomizer with a higher Ohm resistance.

  • Choose a lower PG value and max 100% VG ratio

Best e-juices offer this option and a 100% VG value has always grown in the recent times. Also, you can try to experiment with different e-liquid flavors.


PG is propylene value and VG is vegetable glycerin ratio.

Choose these methods mentioned above and trust us, vaping rewards are worth doing these efforts rather than going back to smoking.


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