Most of the people do not notice their vaping techniques. There are different techniques to vape which can enhance your vaping experiences. Read on further and give a second thought, specifically for how your mouth interacts with the vapor.

Mouth To Lung (MTL)

Process: First, fill the vapors into the mouth and inhale to the lungs. Next, inhale more air into your lungs.


● You experience more flavor with prolonged exposure to taste buds

● We recommend it for people relying on vaping to help them quit smoking.

● It also involves low battery in vaping equipment. So, you do not have to worry for vape becoming too hot.


● MTL fits best as a casual after-dinner thing.

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Direct Lung Inhale (DLI)

Process: It is similar to sucking the air from balloon. Inhale deeply directly to lungs.


● You will experience more satisfaction with DLI than MTL.

● Try heating your e-juice for best results.

● Vapers who love blowing clouds of vapor will love this technique.

● This technique is not recommended for beginners as it may sometimes feel overwhelming.


● We would advise you to use low PG and nicotine levels during DLI.

● DLI will be best useful on a stressful day.

Hybrid Hit

Process: MTL followed by DLI is basically hybrid hit.

● Vapers looking to get the best flavor possible with a real hit can try this technique.


Snape Inhale/Ghost or Mushroom Cloud

Process: Hold vapor in your mouth and exhale. Simultaneously, inhale the vapor you just exhaled back into the mouth.


● You will experience two hits in one go and master it slowly with practice. vaping India

French Inhale/Irish Waterfall

Process: Draw vapor into mouth and release a dense cloud which can be quickly inhaled back through the nose.


● It takes time to master but once learnt, you will love it.

We recommend you to try as many as techniques possible and find your unique style and preference.


Let us know your vaping experiences in the comment section below.

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