Every now and then, you struggle with vaping problems like gurgling sounds while using your vaping device, burnt taste, less vapor, etc. We made a cheat sheet for you so that you can troubleshoot all your vaping problems. Issues come up, and we will have you learn, how you can fix them!

Does the flavor taste less than your expectations?

Ah, we get the bad flavor you are experiencing! If you have used the same flavor for a long time, it is time to replace it as your taste buds aren’t able to recognize it properly.


If you are in love with the same flavor and do not want to replace it, buy a higher concentration.

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Is the battery not working up to the mark?

Let us help you solve your trouble.

First, check if you are using the right charger and it is meant for your vaping device.


The second reason could be the dried up liquid crud. Therefore, be sure to keep things tidy.

Third, try recharging your battery before it gets drained completely next time. You will notice an improvement.


Did nothing work? Is the battery old? Oh, then you need a new one!

Did your e-liquid leak from the tank?

Check if, you have screwed your device properly or overfilled the tank.

If that is not so, cracked tank is the culprit here. Do not worry! You can get plenty of new vape tanks here.


Fewer or more throat hits?

Reduce the nicotine content or use a milder concentration if you are getting higher throat hit than expected.


Check PG/VG ratio, if you are having fewer throat hits.

VG is Vegetable Glycerin: More Vapor, Less Throat Hit.

PG is Propylene Glycol: Better Throat Hit and Flavor

Now that you know how to select the right one, buy accordingly.

Noticing a nasty burnt taste?

This one is pretty simple! Let the wick soak for a while after refilling your tank. You won’t notice it again!


Do you hear gurgling sounds on your device?

You have overfilled your tank. Remove the excess and you are good to go. Now, you won’t experience the same gurgling or cracking sound again. Vaping store india


Do you feel a headache after vaping?

Higher nicotine levels make you dehydrated and cause a headache. The present nicotine content is too high for you, lower it down and increase your water uptake.


Oh, yes! Did I not mention that this is also the reason associated with dry throat after vaping?

Problems solved! We hope, we have resolved your long time issues. If not, Captain GMV (we mean, our customer support team) will help you.

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