A surge has been noticed in the sales of vaporizers in the past few years, specifically in the last two years. Vaporizers have brought a new concept to India which and vouches for being a replacement to the traditional cigarettes. The global markets and the Indian markets have witnessed a discourse on whether vaping should be allowed or not. Even though taking a clear stance seems to be difficult, let’s first get a deep dive into what exactly is vaping?

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Vaping is the concept of inhaling vapors from an electronic device termed as an e-cigarette or a vaporizer which come in the shape of a regular cigarette. The device use a cartridge or e-liquids which when heated up produce vapors and can be inhaled by the user. When the user exhales the fumes, only odorless vapors are released into the air which are smokeless. The e-liquids India contain nicotine which give the user the same sensations as they get after smoking.


In my opinion, vaping is an effective alternative to smoking. Vaping India is spreading its tentacles throughout the country and as more and more people are becoming aware of it, its gaining importance. The reason why vaping should be adopted is that it e-cigarettes India do not contain tobacco. Tobacco is the main reason for causing cancer in the smokers and vaping erodes this reason away. The vape pens for e-liquids are easily accessible through vape online India which makes it easy for the smokers to buy it. This way they can easily switch to vaping.

Vaping may not be entirely harmless as it still contains nicotine which other natural alternatives to smoking do not. Yet it is a better alternative as it has been seen that smokers have started preferring it over the traditional cigarettes mainly due to the reason that it does not lead to grave consequences. Moreover, it does not produce any smoke which is better for the environment as well. This way the number of passive smokers also decreases which is not only better for the person who has quit smoking, but is good for his close ones as well. Also there is no odor produced by the vapors which wouldn’t really make people detest vaping. Vaping India is trending mainly because it has been noticed that smokers have either reduced smoking or are quitting it as they have found a suitable alternative that gives them a feeling of smoking without doing it as well.

There are many vaping shops in India along with Vaporizer shops India which sell the e-liquids in India and the vape pen starter kit in India. This way the tobacco companies that are shifting to vaporizers will also not feel a decline in their sales. All in all, vaping will benefit the companies, smokers and the society on a whole and it should be adopted with arms wide open.

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