If you are one of those reading this article right now, then you may be someone who switched to vaping but went back to smoking because it didn’t seem to work out. Gone are the days when quitting smoking was harder, vaping has come into existence.

There are endless varieties of vaping products in the market; you need to pick the amazing variety that suits you. We get it! It is not an easy job, right? Vaping laws are confusing with a different device with its own vaping maintenance!


Vaping can help you reap a lot of benefits and all are valid, only if, you know what not to do while vaping.

Keep your devices tidy

To avoid any burnt flavor or bad experience, we highly recommend you to clean your device regularly. Let the coil saturate for about 10-15 min after you change it so that it saturates. Have a mini USB charger at all times to save the hassle of running out of battery.


No more cheap e-cigarettes

No doubt, vaping will cost much lesser than your traditional cigars in the long run. Malfunctioning, leakage, cracking sounds come with cheap e-cigarettes; making e-juice taste horrible. You should ask an experienced vaper beforehand or read review and then, make the best investment possible.


No more settling for ghost juices

While switching to new devices, wipe off the remaining e-juice or otherwise, the new and old e-juice will mix. This phenomenon is flavor ghosting which gives horrible taste. You can use hot water to remove the old traces of old contents.

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No more buying e-cigs with wrong nicotine content

Choosing the right nicotine content is essential to prevent nicotine sickness. Sub ohm vaping devices impose a less nicotine level.


Number of Cigarettes Nicotine Concentration(in mg)

20+ 18-24

10-20 8-12

<10 3-6

No more buying e-juice blindly

Don’t just settle for any e-juice but the right one. PG/VG ratio will help you decide which e-juice to try first. Improve your experience with different ratios each time. Trust us, all this is definitely worth your time.


Don’t use the same e-juice for a long time

You won’t be able to enjoy vaping as usual because of the inability of the tongue to recognize the same flavor for a long time. Also, don’t try to build your own vaping device.


Bonus Tip: Stay hydrated as vaping dehydrate you really fast.

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