Smoking is a vice that has taken the lives of many and is continuing to do so. Though it is hard to make people quit this habit, alternatives can be launched to make people get rid of it or they can at least try to reduce it. Vaping is one such alternative to smoking that has helped many who use it. Vaping is the inhaling and exhaling of nicotine in the form of vapors from an electric device, called an e-cigarette. Its biggest benefit is that it is free of nicotine and does not produce smoke. People have started adopting vaping in India and you can easily find a Vaping Store in India. You can even shop online for vape in India. Here are 5 things you can do to support vaping:

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  • Have adequate knowledge about vaping- The very step of showing support to vaping is having complete knowledge about it yourself. One needs to be informed about the various laws and policies that surround vaping and why people need to be made aware about it. You also need to learn about the issues pertaining to vaping which may be on a local or a global level. You need to know its benefits that it is different from smoking as it does not contain tobacco and still gives nicotine to people who get the same sensation after they use the vaporizer. You need to be aware of the vaping shops in India and online vape stores in India.
  • Propagate as much knowledge as you can about vaping- Once you are clear about the concept of vaping you can inform those who are unaware of its presence in India and other countries. The more you share the more people will be convinced to support this technology. People may not support it initially primarily because they do not know about it that is why you need to share your knowledge.
  • Convince smokers to take up vaping- You need to convince smokers to try vaping as the vaporizer gives the same high as would a cigarette. This can be done even by asking them to give it a try if they do not want to quit smoking. If they feel no difference, the smokers might as well shift to vaping entirely as it is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes.
  • Tell your story- People believe in real incidents and if you tell people about how vaping has changed your life for the better, it will solicit support from your audience and they will further dispel your story among their social circle.
  • Advocate vaping on as many platforms as you can- The best way to get support on something is to make it public on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc which will instantly make a huge number of people aware about vaping. You can also suggest vaping stores in India and online vapors in India they can checkout to try out the vaporizer.

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